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Graphic Design in Wirral

Mouse Media is a creative graphic and web design studio in Wirral. 

We bring together freelancers to deliver the very best service possible with a sprinkling of good old fashioned customer service. No industry jargon, we listen, digest and then advise and guide.

Our passion is to design and develop branding.

We also offer a hugely competitive printing service. We don’t do floppy business cards or see-through leaflets, we like our print to stand out for all the right reasons. Please ask for details.

Client Reviews

Diane is my go to designer. Whether it is a leaflet, a magazine or a website you want, you will not be disappointed. Simple, effective designs driving your desired message home. There are no complications, no hidden costs. Everything is up front with common sense pricing. I would recommend Diane to anyone knowing they will get a great job at a great price - you will have to join the queue though!

Terri Dwyer - Actress/presenter

Diane Tremarco has helped me shape my business on so many levels. She is a canny marketer with a great eye for detail. Her graphic work and websites are excellent too. Diane is a one stop shop for all your marketing and sales requirements and I would highly recommend her.

Anne Roberts - Salon owner

I absolutely love Diane's design and work! She has a wealth of experience and a good eye for design. I have faith in her work and will highly recommend her to anyone who wants a professional, friendly and honest service.

Dr. Nicole Chiang

I asked Diane one simple question; “Can you get me on page one of Google for my keywords?” The answer was “Yes, but it won’t happen overnight as there was much work to do”. I was charged one fee. The job was completed without any fuss or hassle within 3 months. As a result I will be having a redesign of my website and hiring Diane as my Marketing Manager when my shop move/refit has been completed. Her knowledge is sound and I would recommend her to anyone for graphics, website and SEO.

Colin Charles - Business owner

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Do you need design services for a logo, brochure, leaflet, magazine, book, business card, banner or any other marketing material?

We have over 30 years experience to help you reach your target audience at a price that won’t break your bank – email us here


We offer graphic design services throughout Wirral and surrounding areas. Working with you, we establish your brand on all media platforms. Our objective is to make you the leader in your field by designing anything from a logo to a marketing campaign, a business card to a brochure or a sticker to a sign.

We can provide you with the following:

  • Graphic Design services throughout Wirral
  • Website Designer in Wirral
  • Marketing Consultancy in Wirral
  • Web Hosting in Wirral

If you don’t quite know where to start, no problem! We will talk you through every step of the process to ensure you are 100% happy with the outcome. We can help with ideas, wording and images. Don’t forget, we have all been there!

If you would like to know more about graphic design in Wirral, call us on 0151 558 1007 or email hello@mousemediastudio.com

What is good graphic design?
Put simply, good graphic design is anything that makes the viewer absorb and retain the information within the design. Very often, less is more. One strong image is usually more effective than lots of text and can drive home a clearer message.

A good logo for instance, often carries a subtle, hidden meaning. How many of you noticed that the Amazon logo has an arrow pointing from a to z AND forms a (positive) smile? Clever hey?

What is good web design?
Again, simplicity is the key. When using the internet, the end user will want to get the information they seek as quickly as possible. Therefore a clean, easy navigation is essential. The website needs to be attractive but simple to use. If it is an ecommerce site, then ideally three clicks to buy is what the end user will seek. We all have short attention spans now, apparently, shorter than a goldfish!