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A Little Bit About Us...
Our Team

Our team consists of freelance designers headed by our award winning Director, Diane Tremarco.  Diane has worked in design for over 25 years and still loves every minute of it.

About Mouse Media

We are Mouse Media; graphic designers, web designers and social media managers.

We feel that the best way to describe ourselves is to look at what we like and don’t like below. You will soon realise that we are passionate, creative and knowledgable but also have a great sense of humour. We work hard, and we have fun whilst we do.

We like

We like working with people from all different walks of life. We find people interesting and love listening to their ideas.

We are sympathetic to existing branding and work within the boundaries that have previously been set.

We have award winning members of our team, praised for their business acumen and contribution to the industry.

We are known not only for our creativity and knowledge but also for our customer service and ability to deliver on time.

We like afternoon snackets, a creative mind needs feeding in lots of ways, ah em.

We like the world around us as it provides constant brain fodder that stimulates and inspires.

We dislike

We don’t like late payers or people that don’t appreciate what goes into the design process.

We don’t like to be judged by other people’s standards. If we make a mistake, we put it right, we believe that is called customer service.

We don’t like poor quality images. Our business is built around images, it is part of who we are, so we make every effort to only use the best.

We don’t like to recommend people unless we have worked with them and feel sure that they will deliver a good service.

We don’t like notebooks unless they are Moleskine