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Graphic Design Wirral

Put simply, good graphic design is anything that makes the viewer absorb and retain the information within the design using clear images and typography. Very often, less is more. One strong image is usually more effective than lots of text and can drive home a clearer message. Mouse Media offer the very best in graphic design. We are great communicators and have a wealth of knowledge & passion.

Our graphic design process

Initial meeting
With the covid restrictions, it isn’t always possible to meet. We now offer a telephone, Zoom or FaceTime call to establish the objective, deliverables and budget. Don’t worry if you don’t have a pre-conceived idea, that’s what the initial discussion is for.

Getting to know you
We like to understand who we are designing for so don’t be surprised if we ask questions or research your company. We will also need to establish your target audience – we need to know who we are selling to!

Once we have talked through the initial ideas and/or brief, we can move onto the design process. At this stage, we only produce one piece of work. We put down our best concept and play with design.

We will send you a proof of our design and ask for your thoughts. It may be that you want to change nothing, some, or all of the design. It is often better to have something in front of you to know what you do or don’t like. You have three amendments for the agreed fee.

Good job!
Once we have completed the design and it is signed off, the final artwork will be sent over in your required format. We will save a copy on our file for three years.

Logo design

Your logo should make a great first impression. It will need to create a professional image to attract new customers; make you stand out from your competition and help potential customers remember you. All this from one simple image.

graphic design wirral
logo design wirral
logo design wirral - logo of a morgage protection company red and black
graphic design wirral

Business card design

Your business card is in essence a contact card. Don’t overload it with information. Keep it simple, your logo, name, telephone number, email adress and most important – your website address. The interested party can then go to your site and find out all the information they need.

Magazine design

Magazines are still very popular even in the digital age. There is something special about the feel and smell of a freshly printed glossy. At Mouse Media, we offer both a design and print service for magazines. Feel free to ask for a quote for either.

Leaflet design

Leafets are used to sell products or services. As well as having the relevant information they need to be as clear and appealing as possible. One strong image with the main message plus website is usually enough on the front with the rest of the images and information on the back. We would be happy to talk through your requirements at your convenience.

graphic design wirral
Graphic and website design Wirral
graphic design wirral

Advert design

Advert design can appear in print, on screen, on banners, or online. Again, a clear concise message with strong graphics and of course your brand details are required. Keep it simple so the message isn’t lost and don’t forget the all important website address so the reader can find out more should they want.

a magazine advert design for a denture clinic

Miscellaneous design

We design much more than we have outlined here, so we thought we would share some others with you.

Graphic and website design Wirral - book cover for Sax Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll

Print artwork design

Probably the most common form of graphic design as it is the artwork for printed marketing materials.

  • Logo
  • Business card
  • Magazine
  • Brochure
  • Swing tag
  • Advertisment
  • Voucher
  • Invitation
  • Poster
  • Leaflet
  • Sticker
  • Packaging
  • Sign
  • Exhibition Promotion
  • Flyer
  • Banner
  • Postcard
  • Presentation folder